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Randolphyang Contemporary clever strategy expert the founder of 

TWS theory of international enterprise Notable Book of changes and 

calligraphy expert, Sckeme artist the founder of Xiang prediction means

of chinese Yang-surname and nature faction theory of chinese calligraphy

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      Mr. Yang Muqing is a master of art, who is good at studying, absorbing and integrating and innovating on the road of painting and calligraphy. Over the years he beared major task of art and culture,and study hard, not urgent not slow, access to different social classes, planning to the development of culture.He is another painting and calligraphy masters valued by the art collection,following Pu Hua, Qi Baishi, Huang Binhong, and Shi Lu. He is also the people who inherit and innovate Schiller, Van Gogh, Picasso's color idears and artistic spirit in the Oriental civilization.

   Mr. Yang Muqing is invited expert and scholar of 2015 Milan World Expo - Venice Water Museum, Organizer of China cultural and artistic development think tank, executive vice president of Chinese Academy of calligraphy and painting, executive chairman of Asia Pacific Painters and Calligraphers Fellowship (APPCF).

   He settles in Beijing, complements oriental culture and Western culture,and writes hundreds of thousands of words of literary theory, such as"the Chinese painting and calligraphy class analysis", "Theoretical research on Chinese landscape painting",influencing many people and enjoys a high reputation in the art field at present, with vast and rugged loess feelings of Northwest China and the "big freehand landscape painting art.

   The works of painting and calligraphy of Mr. Yang Muqing was auctioned by Paul Lee, Xiang Yun Xuan, the Pacific and other famous auction company, recording in Artron and other major professional online, and was exhibited and auctioned in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xi'an, Hongkong, Macao, San Francisco, New York, Berlin and other places.His artistic achievements were recorded in the "Asian news figure " "Chinese painting milestone" and other publications.

   I have concerned about Mr. Yang Muqing for a long time and saw him gradually entering the ranks of the masters of the art with true skill and genuine knowledge. As the Yanhuang descendants I am very happy! To carefully read what Mr. Yang Muqing¨s calligraphy, painting works , it is only with the master level to complete things. His works is not bounded artistic characteristics and pen and ink techniques, and the most important is to reflect the broad and profound cultural ideology and the connotation. Therefore, Mr. Yang Muqing¨s excellent painting and calligraphy works have a strong artistic appreciation, cultural heritage and historical value of the collection.

   the second revised draft by Kevin Guo in the Bund (Kevin Guo ,Chinese-American, the Chairman of the Cultural Exchange Association in New York, President of the International Chamber of Commerce ho-CEO Association)

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